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    I. Chronological survey

    (*R = Radio recording, *D = Donemus recording, MS = Manuscript.)

    OpusTitleArrangement (author/choreographer)Length (min)Commissioned by:YearPublished by:
    1Trio for StringsViolin, alto violin, cello16*R1926Donemus
    2String Quartet No. 1Two violins, alto violin, cello201926Donemus
    3Podium SuiteViolin and piano14*R1928Donemus
    3aPodium SuiteViolin and orchestra (small)141948Donemus
    4Quintet for Wind Instruments (Serenade)Flute, two clarinets, bassoon, horn151928Donemus
    6SuiteOrchestra (full)171929Donemus
    7Concerto for Violin and OrchestraViolin and orchestra (full)21Alex. Moskowsky1930MS
    8Twelve Musical CaricaturesPiano25*D1930Donemus
    9Sonata in Five MovementsCello and piano141931Donemus
    10Tempesta d’OrchestraOrchestra (full)61931Donemus
    11DivertimentoString ensemble (or string quintet)14*R1932Donemus
    12Four StudiesPiano101932Donemus
    13SymphonyOrchestra (full)30*R1933Donemus
    14Concerto for Piano and Mixed ChoirPiano and mixed choir (vocalise)14*R1934Donemus
    15Abel and CainBass and orchestra (full) (C. Baudelaire)131935Donemus
    16Romance and AllegroCello and orchestra131928Donemus
    17Three PiecesPiano14*D only Treurmars (slow march)1927-1936Broekmans and Van Poppel
    19Four SongsMezzosoprano, piano (Ady)121924-1938Donemus
    20Fiat LuxDouble male-voice choir (G. Gezelle)101938A. Bank
    21String Quartet No. 2 (Fugues)Two violins, alto violin, cello23*D1939Donemus
    22Schopenhauer CantataVoice and orchestra (A. Schopenhauer)14*R1938-1944Donemus
    23Prelude and FugueTwo pianos9*R1945Southern Music Publ., NY
    24NocturnesFlute, harp and string ensemble171946Donemus
    25SonatinaAlto violin and piano14*R1946Donemus
    26Vox AmantiumVoice and piano ( A. Helman)9*D1947Donemus
    27TrioPiano, violin, cello171947Donemus
    28ParadouOrchestra (full) (Mottoes van E. Zola)17*R (Awarded Major Prize Amsterdam)1948Donemus
    29Variations on a Dutch FolksongHarmonie orchestra9*R From Var. 2 Amsterdam City Council1949Molenaar
    29aVariations on a Dutch FolksongPiano91949Donemus
    29bVariations on a Dutch FolksongOrchestra (full) and choir9(Awarded 2nd prize KNTV-World Service)1950Donemus
    30String Quartet No. 3 (Tropical Fantasia)Two violins, alto violin, cello15*R (Awarded 3rd prize Liège Quartet Concours)1949Donemus
    31Seven Drinking SongsMale-voice choir a.c. (Lessing, Bodenstedt, Goethe, Corneille, Cato, Daens)141950Kon. Ned. Zangersver.
    32Hymn to WorkOrchestra (full) and male-voice choir16J. Wagenaar Foundation1951Donemus
    33aProverbs: First SeriesMale-voice choir a.c.121950-1951A. Bank
    33bProverbs: Second SeriesMale-voice choir a.c.121951A. Bank
    34Four Mixed ChorusesMixed choir a.c. (Vondel, Ten Kate, Franzos, Goethe)101950-1951A. Bank
    35Ten LamentationsLadies’ chorus a.c. (Dante, Byron, Rückert, Schiller, Musset, Voltaire, Florian,Fauré, Lamartine)25*R1951A. Bank
    36aSayings and Quotes: First SeriesMixed choir a.c. (Ezza, Cowper, Heye, Potgieter, ?, Logan)12*R1951A. Bank
    36bSayings and Quotes: Second SeriesMixed choir a.c. (Cato,Longfellow,Heyse,Geibel,Camphuijsen, Gezelle)12*R1951A. Bank
    37Twenty DuosTwo violins24*R1951Donemus
    38Fête Champêtre (Country Fair) (ballet)String ensemble, percussion (dance suite, chor. G.F.)13*D1951Donemus
    39Ten Pieces for RecordersRecorders131951Donemus
    40Concerto for Two Violins and OrchestraTwee violins, orchestra20*R1952Donemus
    41Three RomancesSoprano, piano (H.Heine)9*R1952Donemus
    41aThree RomancesSoprano, orchestra (small) (H.Heine)9*R1955Donemus
    42RhapsodyClarinet, piano9*R1952Southern Music Publ., NY
    42aRhapsodyHarmonie orchestra9Umbrella Foundation Dutch Music Organizations1971Molenaar
    43Luctor and Emergo (ballet)Orchestra (full) (chor. Sonja Gaskel)35Kunstmaand Foundation (Culture Month)1953Seba
    43aMusic from Luctor and EmergoChoir and orchestra (full)301953Donemus
    44Funfair in CharleroiOrchestra (full)7*D1953Southern Music Publ., NY
    44aFunfair in CharleroiPiano quatre mains7*R1953Southern Music Publ., NY
    45Caecilia OvertureOrchestra (full)9*D J. Wagenaar Foundation1954Donemus
    46aSouth African RhapsodySymphony orchestra91954Donemus
    46bSouth African RhapsodyHarmonie orchestra9Harmonie Orchestra Dockyard1954Donemus
    47Symphonic StudiesOrchestra (full)15*D. (Awarded Major Prize Amsterdam)1954Donemus
    48SuiteMixed choir and piano (Old-Dutch Songs)12*D1955Donemus
    49TranscriptionsSoprano recorder, harpsichord12*D1955Donemus
    50SonataViolin, piano15*R1955Donemus
    50aQuartet for Strings No. 4Two violins, alto violin, cello15(Awarded 4th prize Liège Quartet Concours)1956Donemus
    51The Slave ShipTenor and baritone solos, male-voice choir, brass, percussion and piano (H. Heine)25*R – Ministry of Education, Culture and Science1956Donemus
    51aThe Slave ShipTenor and baritone solos, male-voice choir, 2 pianos and percussion (H. Heine)25*D1956Donemus
    52SerenadeChamber orchestra15*R1956Donemus
    53Songs for Children IMezzosoprano or children’s choir, piano (Annie M.G. Schmidt)8*R – AVRO1957Donemus
    54Twelve MetamorphosesTwo flutes, piano11*R – C Vening Meinesz1957Donemus
    54aTwelve MetamorphosesWind instruments, piano111963Donemus
    55Concerto for Two Pianos and OrchestraTwo pianos and orchestra (full)20*R1957Donemus
    56Songs for Children IIMezzosoprano or children’s choir, piano (A.Verwey, P.de Genestet, G.Lovendaal)8*R – AVRO. Christelijk Haags Jongenskoor1958Donemus
    57The Black BrideOpera parodistica (C.J. Kelk)90*R (only final chorus) Book Ball1958MS
    57aFragments from The Black BrideOrchestra (full)20*R1959Donemus
    58Rhythmic StudiesChamber orchestra10*R – Ministry of Education, Culture and Science1959Donemus
    58aRhythmic StudiesTwo pianos10*D1959Donemus
    59FarewellMale voice and piano (H. Hesse)12*D1960Donemus
    60Travels: Lieder CycleTenor and piano (H. Hesse)10*R1960Donemus
    61Euridice (ballet)Orchestra (full), jukebox (chorus H. van Manen)27Amsterdam City Council1960-1961Seba
    62Fugue for HarpsHarps (3, 6, 9 or 12)5*R – Van Beinum Foundation1961Donemus
    63Concertino for Violin, Cello, Piano and OrchestraViolin, cello, piano, orchestra11*R – Leiden Student Assoc. Sempre Crescendo1961Donemus
    64Eight VocalisesMale voice, ladies’, children’s and mixed choir a.c.15*R – Ministry of Education, Culture and Science1962Harmonia
    65Music for “Twelfth Night”Wind quintet and harp (Shakespeare, D. Verspoor)12Netherlands Comedie1962MS
    65aThree Shakespeare SongsBaritone and harp (or piano) (Vert.: D. Verspoor)8*R1962Donemus
    66SymphoniettaStrings10*R – Ministry of Education, Culture and Science1963Donemus
    67Music for S.D.Two pianos5City of Amsterdam (for Sjoukje Dijkstra)1963Donemus
    68Music for “Hamlet”Orchestra (small)6* R – Netherlands Comedie1964MS
    69Seven Timpani and a Brass OrchestraSeven timpani, brass band10*D – Min. van O.K. and W.1964Donemus
    70SextetFlute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, horn and piano9Dutch Radio Union1965Donemus
    71BalladMixed choir and harmonie orchestra (J. Slauerhoff)13Rotterdam Art Foundation (Kunststichting)1965Donemus
    71aBalladMixed choir, string ensemble, piano quatre-mains and slagwerk131968Donemus
    72aFour SketchesHarmonie orchestra8Joh. Wagenaarstichting1966Donemus
    72bFour SketchesPiano quatre-mains8*R1966Donemus
    73Double TrioFlute-piccolo, oboe-alt-oboe, bassoon-contrabassoon101967Donemus
    74DimensionsPiano, tape or 2/3 pianos10*R1967Donemus
    75Separate WaysFlute, bassoon and piano12*R – Amsterdam City Council1968Donemus
    75aSeparate WaysTwo violins, piano12*R1968Donemus
    76Non far’ tuttoMale-voice choir a.c.5Ministry of Culture, Recreation and Social Work1968Donemus
    77Paganini VariationsTwo violin ensembles or two violins10*R- Ed.v. Beinum Foundation1968-1969Donemus
    78Concerto for Three Violins and OrchestraThree violins and orchestra (full)18*R – J. Wagenaar Foundation1969Donemus
    79Keeping Time!Male-voice choir and percussion (D. Vansina)6Roy. Fed. of Vocal and Oratorium Associations1970Donemus
    80DuoViolin and cello10*R1972Donemus
    81Community Fair in FlandersMale-voice choir, piano and percussion (Simoens)7Royal Dutch Singers’ Federation1972MS
    82Concerto for Clarinets and StringsClarinets and string ensemble151972Donemus
    83Venedig (Venice)Song cycle for male voice and piano (H. Hesse)131973Donemus
    84aToccataTwo pianos10*R1973Donemus
    85Romanian ArabesquesLadies’ choir a.c.9*R – Provincial Council of North-Holland1973-1974Donemus
    85aRomanian ArabesquesBamboo pipes or recorders?1984
    86Romanian CapricesOboe and piano9*R – Min. Culture, Recreation and Social Work1975Donemus
    86aRomanian CapricesMale-voice choir a.c.91975Donemus
    87Sounds of RomaniaFlute, alto violin, harp and percussion91975Donemus
    88Minor SuiteAlto saxophone and piano9*R1975Donemus
    89Three PoemsSpeaker, alto saxophone and guitar (I.Streepjes, P.deGenestet, A.Verwey)101976Donemus
    90The Evil of the WorldTenor solo, male-voice choir and organ (Epicurus)71976Donemus
    91Elephant VariationsDouble bass and strings91977Donemus
    92Music for Violins and Alto ViolinsViolins and alto violins141977Donemus
    93Concertino for Two Trumpets and OrchestraTwo trumpets and orchestra5,5*D – Buma Fund1977Molenaar
    94Brabant and MaramuresHarmonie orchestra8Min. Culture, Recreation and Social Work1978Molenaar
    95Vice versa IAlto saxophone and marimba11*R1982Donemus
    96Vice versa IIAlto violin and piano111982Donemus
    97Drinking SongMale-voice choir a.c. (S. Daens)31984Donemus
    98Symmetry IWind instruments and percussion61984MS
    98Symmetry IIWind instruments and piano?1984
    99String Quartet No. 5Two violins, alto violin and cello131984Donemus
    100Symmetry IIIPiccolo, violin, cello, bassoon?1985MS
    101Three German Choir TextsMixed choir?1985MS
    102Three French Choir TextsMixed choir?1985MS
    103Three English Choir TextsMixed choir?1985MS
    104Two Dutch Choir TextsMixed choir?1985MS
    105Three Italian ProverbsMale-voice choir a.c.?1985MS
    106Duet in Two LanguagesSopraan, alto, marimba or piano?1985MS
    107Six MiniaturesPiano?1985MS
    108Concerto for Alto Violin, Strings and Bass DrumAlto violin, strings, bass drum?1985MS

    II. Breakdown by genre and instrumental arrangement

    (compiled by Frid himself)



    Opus 3a7141640556378829193108.

    Symphony orchestra:

    Opus 610132829b43a444546a4757a8493.

    Harmonie orchestra:

    Opus 2942a46b72a94.

    String ensemble:

    Opus 1166.

    String ensemble, with other instruments:

    Opus 24388291100.

    Brass band:

    Opus 69.

    Chamber orchestra:

    Opus 5254a5892.

    Chamber music for strings:

    Opus 111377780 and five string quartets: Opus 2213050a99.

    Chamber music for strings and piano:

    Opus 3925275075a.

    Chamber music for wind instruments:

    Opus 4397385a.

    Chamber music for wind instruments and piano (or harpsichord):

    Opus 4249547075868898.

    Chamber music: various combinations:

    Opus 2438879596.

    Piano solo:

    Opus 58121729a74107.

    Piano quatre-mains:

    Opus 44a72b.

    Two pianos:

    Opus 2358a6784a.

    Two pianos and orchestra:

    Opus 55.

    Piano and mixed choir:

    Opus 14.

    Piano trio:

    Opus 27.

    Violin solo:

    Opus 18.

    Violin and piano:

    Opus 350.

    Violin and cello:

    Opus 80.

    Two violins:

    Opus 3777.

    Two violins and piano:

    Opus 75a.

    Violin and orchestra:

    Opus 3a7.

    Two violins and orchestra:

    Opus 40.

    Three violins and orchestra:

    Opus 78.

    Alto violin and piano:

    Opus 2596.

    Cello and piano:

    Opus 9.

    Cello and orchestra:

    Opus 16.


    Opus 62.

    Harp with other instruments:

    Opus 2487.


    Mixed choir a cappella:

    Opus 3436a36b64101102103104.

    Mixed choir and piano:

    Opus 1448.

    Mixed choir and orchestra:

    Opus 29b43a7171a.

    Male-voice choir a cappella:

    Opus 203133a33b647686a97105.

    Male-voice choir with instrumental accompaniment:

    Opus 5151a798190.

    Male-voice choir and orchestra:

    Opus 32.

    Ladies’ choir a cappella:

    Opus 356485.

    Boys’ choir a cappella:

    Opus 64.

    Boys’ choir and piano:

    Opus 5356.

    Voice and piano (harp):

    Opus 1926415356596065a83.

    Voice and orchestra:

    Opus 152241a.

    Speaker, saxophone and guitar:

    Opus 89.

    Music for the stage:

    Opus 6568.


    Opus 57.


    Opus 384361.

    Further works by Frid, without opus number

    • Caprice Concertante for Flute and Piano. 1930

    (This work was nevertheless published in 1999 by Donemus)

    • Strauss Variations (with others) for Two Violins and Orchestra. 1958 (MS)
    • Duet for Two Violins. 1960 (MS)
    • Study in Rhythm for Violin and Piano. 1960 (Broekmans & Van Poppel, Amsterdam)
    • Kodály Variations (with others) for Orchestra. 1962 (Boosey & Hawkes)
    • Esquisses Autobiographiques (Autobiographical Sketches) for Piano. 1964 (dedicated to Arthur Frid) (MS)
    • Gertleriade for Solo Violin. 1967 (MS)
    • Foxtrot for Two Pianos. 1975 (Suite for the Suite, with others; Donemus)


    • Cadences for the Piano Concerto KV 467 by Mozart (1948)

    Arrangements by others

    • Frid/Gertler, Romance for Violin and Piano. 1931(Rosz. Budapest)
    • Frid/Bor. Pieces for Violin and Piano. 1975-1975 (Donemus)

    Gramophone records/CD’s

    With the exception of the recordings for radio or by Donemus mentioned above, a few privately produced CD’s and the odd bakelite (!) gramophone record, there is little opportunity to listen to Frid’s music. In more recent times there appears now and then a new CD that includes a Frid composition. Examples are given below. CD’s devoted to Frid are, however, now being produced, and you are referred to the part of this website devoted to the foundation itself (Géza Frid Foundation) for details.

    • 1999. Stemra Q 97006. Virtuosi of Bucharest: Silvestri, Haydn, Mozart and Frid’s Symphonietta for Strings, op. 66.
    • 2000. Decca 466986-2. Legendary Voices – Erna Spoorenberg: eleven composers, including Verdi and Bizet, but also Godfried Bomans (!) and Frid’s Three Romances, op. 41.
    • 2000. MCWAP 032. From True Fame to Europe: Strategier, Hendrik Andriessen, Louis Toebosch and, by the Eindhoven Vocal Ensemble, Frid’s Concerto for Piano and Choir, op. 14.
    • 2003. Et’Cetera KTC 1255. Dutch Music for Violin and Piano. Francien Schatborn and Jeanette Koekkoek: Röntgen, Bosmans, Hendrik Andriessen and Frid’s Sonatina for Alto Violin and Piano, op. 25.
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